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Stakeholder Engagement and Community Consultation

Consultation copyIt is important to take public consultation seriously. Public interest in planning and development is ever increasing and for larger schemes, or controversial proposals pre-application consultation is now a requirement of the planning process.

It’s not just about informing neighbours about the proposal. Undertaken properly, the consultation process can shape the proposed design and by doing so can minimise the risk of objections during the planning application period. If no objections are received during the application period, this might enable the planning authority to make a delegated decision (as opposed to being determined at planning committee) and this can reduce the risk of politically influenced decision making.

Stakeholder engagement should ideally take place well in advance of an application being submitted; the nature of the consultation undertaken will depend on the scale and character of the proposal. Whatever your plans, we can advise on an appropriate type of consultation that is effective and proportionate to the proposed development.