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Regeneration copyRegeneration is a vital part of achieving growth, vitality and development; it allows an area to adapt to changing needs and maintain a strong and healthy urban environment. The key to successful regeneration is understanding the local community’s needs and how development can help deliver viable uses and environments that stimulate and foster activity and growth. We have extensive experience in promoting complex urban regeneration schemes, ranging from large brownfield redevelopments to small-scale locally important sites. This often involves taking an overview of what drives viable development and of the social and economic challenges facing a community as well as the more tangible physical fabric of a location. We can recommend strategies to address issues of decline and promote sustainable urban regeneration.

Our staff also have experience of drafting Local Development Orders, having created the South Denes Local Development Order (LDO), one of the first such orders to be adopted in the UK (the South Denes LDO utilises a mix of legal drafting and design guidance to produce a permissive planning regime for the Great Yarmouth Enterprise Zone).