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Appeals and Expert Witness

Ideally, most people would hope to avoid having to submit a planning appeal, but it is inevitable that occasionally a planning refusal, or receipt of an enforcement notice means that it is necessary to take ones case to a higher authority.

The most common routes to planning appeal are: Written Representations, Informal Hearings and Local Inquiries. Choosing which process is the most suitable will depend upon the nature of the issues being presented but, while the appellant may state a preference, the final decision on the type of appeal that will be heard is likely to be made by the Planning Inspectorate.

There is a clear difference in cost between the three types of appeal, with Local Inquiries being significantly more expensive (usually requiring the appointment of a barrister, as well as an expert planning witness and potentially other expert witnesses). Local Inquiries are normally only undertaken for large scale, or complex cases, or where evidence must be given under oath e.g. for an enforcement, or certificate of lawful use appeal.

Preparation is the key to success and Tricorne Planning will always present carefully thought-through, robust evidence, organised into a well-constructed case to ensure the best possible chance of success. Our expert staff will work closely with the client’s team and (in the case of a local Inquiry) with the appointed Counsel and can guide the client through this stressful process

Tricorne Planning can also provide an expert planning witness to support or contest any court action, such as a high court challenge.