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Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture(1) copyModern agriculture and forestry is a high tech business, often with an industrial character and scale that can lead to difficulties in securing planning permission. Developments such as new buildings, agricultural dwellings, access tracks and reservoirs all require detailed justification to explain why a departure should be permitted from Local Plan and National policies which normally seek to restrict developments in the open countryside.

Agriculure(2) copyMany agricultural activities are ‘permitted development’, granted permission by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, but even developments granted by this Order may require ‘prior notifications’ to be submitted and this in turn can lead to a requirement to submit a full planning application. Obtaining good advice about the extent of ‘permitted development rights’ and ensuring clear and effective presentation of information in any ‘prior notification’ procedure can minimise the potential for projects being delayed by the planning process and ensure the delivery of agricultural and forestry facilities in a timely manner, allowing farms and forestry enterprises to rapidly adapt to a changing business environment.