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Tricorne Planning is a Limited Company in the sole ownership of Richard Hattersley.  The business was established in May 2015.

Managing Director
Richard Hattersley, BSc(Hons), DipTP, MRTPI
Richard is a chartered Town Planner with over 28 years of experience, working in both public and private sectors.
Richard commenced his career in 1987 in the development control team of Guildford Borough Council and later became a principal development control officer and team leader at Runnymede Borough Council.

Moving into the private sector in the year 2000, Richard was employed as a planning consultant and team leader initially by Commpro Acquisition Services Ltd, and later by Turner and Partners Consultancy Services Ltd and Spawforths.

Returning to the public sector in 2008, Richard worked on strategic planning, economic growth projects and infrastructure planning at Norfolk County Council, before founding his planning consultancy Tricorne Planning in May 2015.  

Richard’s career has often placed him at the leading edge of the planning profession, responding to changes in policy, new legislative powers, or technological innovations.  A recent example of this is his drafting of the South Denes Local Development Order (LDO), which was one of the first such orders to be adopted in the UK (the South Denes LDO utilises a mix of legal drafting and design guidance to produce a permissive regime for the Great Yarmouth Enterprise Zone).

Richard has also represented clients in the development of a pioneering eco housing proposal (one of the UKs first Carbon Challenge sites) and more recently has developed his knowledge of Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) and flood risk matters, while producing the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for Norfolk.

Richard has extensive experience of the planning appeals process and has appeared as an expert witness on many occasions.

Why are you called “Tricorne Planning”?